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      • Polochema CO lTD - Taiwan - [adhesives]
        We are one of the major synthetic resins suppliers based in Asia, we can supply following resins; a. Epoxy resins and curing agents. b. Unsaturated Polyester resins for FRP. c. Polyester resins for coatings d. PolyVinyl Butyral resin for adhesives. e. Chlorinated Polypolylene(CPP) and CEVA for adhesion enhancers. f. Synthetics resins coating/inks and adhesives.
      • Nan Pao resins chemical co ltd - Taiwan - [adhesives]
        We are one of the leading adhesive manufacturies in Taiwan. We established this company from 1961, so has been over 40 years experiences. Our main products are every kind of adhesives, including the industrial bonding use, like PVAC emulsion, EVA emulsion and ACRYLIC emulsion. We are also the main shoe glue supplier for NIKE, REEBOK and ADIDAS in Asia area. So we can offer from neoprene, CR glue, PU glue, cleaner, primer and hardener, chemical sheet, velcro tape glue. We also can offer the paint, including the powder type for metal, solvent and water based type for construction.
      • - Epoxy and urethane adhesive and sealant repair systems plus supporting chemical products for industry.
      • - Offers an extensive variety of adhesive-based products.
      • - Specialist adhesive company supplying a range of highly technical based adhesives, allied products and application equipment.
      • - Manufacturer of solvent free, heat activated and pressure sensitive adhesives, laminating adhesives and seam tapes in roll form for the apparel, automotive, composite, electronic, medical and textile industries.
      • - Manufacturer and custom filling of adhesives pre-packaged in dual cartridges, syringes, pre-mixed and frozen and other containers.
      • - Source for adhesives and adhesive dispensing equipment for bonding, sealing, potting, encapsulating, packaging, carton sealing.
      • - Manufacturer of adhesives for footwear, wood, glass, tapes and metal .
      • - Manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape products for medical, industrial, splicing, pharmaceutical and electronics applications.
      • - Supplier of protective systems that create weatherproof composite membranes.
      • - Offer a complete line on of dry mounting adhesives, laminating films and the equipment to apply them.
      • - Manufacturer of protective films, technical and industrial tapes.
      • - Specialist suppliers of Pur and PVA adhesives to the woodworking,boatbuilding and general construction industry.
      • - Manufacturer of expansion joints, (Evazote and MetaZeal) for parking garages, bridges and water treatment plants. Capital Services also offers a full line of epoxy injection equipment and elastomeric concretes.
      • - Supplier of cyanoacrylate adhesives - Bonding the materials of wood, metal, plastic, rubber, prism sufaces.
      • - Manufacturer of structural epoxy adhesives and coatings for repair and protection of concrete. Includes crack injection resins and metering pumps, repair grouts and mortars, coatings for corrosive chemicals and difficult environments including underwater.
      • - Manufacturer of adhesives and specialty chemicals including cyanoacrylate, photopolymer, vacuum impregnation sealant, anaerobics, threadlockers.
      • - Manufacturers of construction chemicals, adhesive in India, under the brand name of Chemistik and Argus.
      • - Latex paints adhesives and fluorescent brighteners.
      • - Manufacturer of solvent or water based industrial adhesives and coatings. Inflatable fabrication, textile and film converting, fabric assembly, special applications, toll and custom mixing.
      • - Canadian manufacturer of heat seal and pressure sensitive adhesive coated products.
      • - Manufacturer and exporter of dry laminating adhesives and primers to convert plastic films, foils, metallized films and paper into flexible laminates for packaging food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.
      • - North America's leading supplier to the Glass Industry. Offers a complete line of sealants and adhesives ranging from General Construction to Insulated Glass to Auto Glass.
      • - Manufacturers of adhesives, UV coatings, non-skid UV coatings, instant lottery ticket coatings, and specialty coatings.
      • - Makes adhesives (solvent-based, water-based and hot melt adhesives). Great number and variety of applications.
      • - International distributor of high performance flexible composite products tapes, fabrics, belting, PTFE, silicone coated, Kapton, UHMW, pressure sensitive, FEP, TEF, and related items.
      • - Manufacturer of high quality engineering adhesives. Specializing in cyanoacrylates, anaerobics, UV-curable and polyurethane adhesives.
      • - Producing the specific adhesive of paper coating.
      • - Maintenance, repair, production and tooling epoxies, urethanes, and adhesives for repair and assembly.
      • - Manufactures mold release coatings and agents.
      • - Manufactures and markets specialty chemical products such as adhesives, coats and glues for the aerospace, automobile and food processing industries.
      • - Urethane adhesive systems for the repairing, bonding, foaming and sealing of plastic, fiberglass, metal and glass for the autobody repair industry.
      • - DYMAX produces UV curing aerobic and surface activated solvent-free adhesives and UV/visible curing equipment. End uses include metal, glass,plastic and optical product bonding.
      • - Standard and custom formulation UV adhesives and related equipment.
      • - Manufacturer of environmentally friendly, water-based pressure sensitive adhesives.
      • - Manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and compounds. Includes product and project ideas for homeowners, crafters, woodworkers, educators and kids.
      • - Supplier of UV-curing lacquers and adhesives that contain no toxic components or organic solvents. (DVD-adhesives and CD-lacquers)
      • - UK manufacturer of clear adhesive glue dots on removable liner. Used for quick bonding (non-structural) of common materials.
      • - Resource for the European adhesives industry including list of member companies, European adhesive standards, and market statistics.
      • - Manuacturer of solvent borne, water borne and polyurethane adhesives for construction applications.
      • - Manufacturer and exporter of glue including super glue, wood glue, and two part glue.
      • - Distributors of industrial adhesives. Link to industrial adhesive, sealant, and tape technologies.
      • - Aerosol and adhesive products for craft and sewing.
      • - Worldwide manufacturer of acrylic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, urethane and hot melt adhesives for industrial applications.
      • - High performance adhesive sealant coating, encapsulating compound, impregnation resin, dispensing and impregnation equipment. Adhesives for production and maintenance. Application in aerospace, electrical, electronic, automotive, appliance, and defence.
      • - Manufacturer of cyanoacrylate, epoxy,U.V.cure and acrylic adhesives located in India.
      • - High temperature ceramics, epoxies and adhesives for industrial, electronic and structural applications
      • - Manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, silicone, hot-melt, acetoxy, polyurethane, polysulphide, acrylic, oximes, neutral oxime, primer, tile adhesive, spackling paste, siloxane concentrate.
      • - Special gasket compound for automotive or turbine engine, silicon special made for automotive crank case.
      • - Dexter Polymer Systems manufactures Hysol adhesives for industrial applications.
      • - All of the chemicals for the pressure sensitive adhesive industry: adhesives, primers, release agents, antioxidants, inks.
      • - International manufacturer of waterbased, hot melt,epoxy, UV cure, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic and acrylic products.
      • - UK supplier of silicone adhesives and sealants, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, and thermally conductive adhesives.
      • - The industry leader in the development and application of WELD-ON Solvent Cements for joining plastic pipes and fittings and WELD-ON industrial adhesives and solvent cements for joining plastic to plastic and to dissimilar materials.
      • - Manufacturer of acrylic adhesives for structural bonding applications including thermoplastics, metals and composites.
      • - Dry lamination adhesive for OPP/CPP, OPP/LEAF AL., PET/LDPE, LDPE/AL., T-DIE, anchor coating, OPP/PERL film.
      • - High performances adhesives, sealants, single and double-sided tapes. Insulation and conduction products. PTFE, PE, PP bonding. Application and dosing equipment. Tests and accelerated aging.
      • - Lord Corporation is the leader in shock, vibration and noise attenuation, motion management, bonding and coating materials, and controllable fluids and systems development.
      • - Manufacturer of coatings, sealers, flooring systems, waterproofing and membranes.
      • - Provide structural bonding to low energy substrates such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Also will bond to metals, wood, paper and other plastics.
      • - U.S. manufacturer of anaerobic adhesives and sealants, cyanoacrylates "instant glue", anti-seize and lubricants.
      • - Manufacturer of hot-melt adhesive tape for seam sealing.
      • - Manufacturer of adhesive tapes and films for automotive, medical, and industrial applications. Scapa has business units in North America, Asia and Europe.
      • - Adhesives and sealants from General Electric, H.B. Fuller Company, Macklanburg-Duncan, VIP Lighthouse, Bostik, Pecora, TEC Specialty Products amd Foster Products.
      • - Specialist of adhesives, sealants, gaskets and O-rings.
      • - High performance structural adhesives and coatings for the transportation, general assembly, air handling, insulation, flooring, textile industries.
      • - Italian manufacturer of office supply, body shop, packaging and D.I.Y. tapes. Business units in Italy, France, Croatia and South Africa.
      • - Sealing and bonding solutions for trucks, bus, marine, auto glass, metal buildings, equipment.
      • - Manufacturers of adhesives and primers for industries including shoe, boat, automotive, HVAC, packaging and many others. Specializing in custom-compounded adhesives.
      • - Distributor and repackager of silicones, epoxies, urethanes. Serving most industrial markets, including moldmaking, electrical, aerospace, appliance, utilities and many others.
      • - Custom formulators of epoxy, urethane and UV cure acrylic adhesives and potting compounds and tooling compounds.
      • - Manufacturer in the United Kingdom of polyurethane adhesives for laminating, high friction road surfacing, decorative landscape surfacing, membrane coating and rubber crumb bonding.
      • - Offers high tech adhesives including cyanoacrylates, super glues, anaerobic adhesive, stud lockers, thread locker, UV adhesives and structural adhesives.
      • - Manufacturer of anaerobic and cyanoacrylate adhesives: threadlocker - retainer - sealant - super glue.
      • - Manufacturer of hot melt adhesive.
      • - Develops and manufactures UV-curable formulations for adhesives, sealants, coatings, and encapsulants. Specialized applications include glass-to-glass bonders, plastic bonders, dissimilar substrate bonders and USP Class VI approved for medical devices.
      • - Hotmelt glue guns and adhesives from Tecbond. Adhesives for glueguns, hotmelts for glueguns, gluesticks for applicators.
      • - Manufactures and formulates adhesives (water-based resins, dextrins, adhesives glue and hot melt) for bookbinding, pressure sensitive, lampshade, tape, and sample book industries.
      • - Quality chemical anchoring systems and mechanical anchoring systems.
      • - Manufacturer of custom printed self adhesive labels. Suppliers of adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and adhesive tape.
      • - Manufactures industrial coatings and adhesives. Products include laminating, pressure sensitive, heat seal and cold seal adhesives.
      • - Marketed by the High Performance Polymers Division of Degussa-Hüls AG is a registered trademark for a line of custom hotmelt adhesive that lend themselves to a wide variety of applications.
      • - Supplier of industrial adhesives, cyanoacrylate adhesives, and other industrial glue products.
      • - Distributor of adhesives & sealants, non-destructive testing (NDT) supplies & accessories and custom packaged products.
      • - Distributor of National Starch and Chemical packaging and woodworking adhesives, and TACC solvent adhesives.
      • - Supplier of adhesives, release agents, coatings, and sealants.
      • - Manufacturers of adhesive label products.
      • - Specialist in adhesives, sealants, water proofing and other compounds and civil construction chemicals.
      • - Manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive tape based in China.
      • - Specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of aqueous environmental binding agent.
      • - Research and manufacturing of flexible laminated adhesives applicable for food packing, and intaglio printing inks.


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