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            Tehnomatik is a Macedonian company specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, plastic injection molding, as well as design, production and repair of all types of industrl machines. We offer plastic injection molding at competitive prices. Metal insert plastic injection molding also possible. We are flexible and able to do small series runs. Manufacturing of custom plastic injection molds. On-time delivery and guaranteed quality.

            HuaDong Plastics Mould Co.,Ltd - China - [plastics]
            Zhejiang Huangyang Huadong plastic mould Co.,LTD is a corporation which specialized in producing all kinds of large and medium-sized plastic moulds and plastic products, integrate mould and plastic parts design and manufacture.  Since it's founded, use quality as the core, use science and technology as the leading factor. We have a group of experienced and professional technological personnel. Our company continuously introducing advanced mould machine facilities from domestic and foreign countries, and is a partner of national and international known enterprises. We mainly engage in producing the car's bumper, bearing table, inside and outside of ornament mould, CRT TV, LCD shell mould, motor, electric motor, air condition, refrigerator, washing machine, daily commodity etc series of plastic mould. We have passed the attestation of ISO9001;2000. The moulds we produce still keep in the head of our industry, high quality, long-lived, short producing period, acceptable price, prompt delivery and good service. Our products have already been sold to Middle East and Euro-American countries. Quality primary and customer satisfaction are our supreme target! Honestly service and continuously innovation are our ever lasting pursuit. Let's develop and work together for a prosperous future.

            Manufacturing balusters molds in ABS plastic

            Fancy fittings ltd - India - [plastics]
            we manufacture different types of injection moulding plastics products use in different fields. we have state of art injection moulding m/c of l/t demag ranging from 60 tons to 275 tons in all 51 nos. we manufacture hangers, toys, luggage fittings, trolleys, oem moulded products. we have inhouse toolroom with latest state of art m/c to manufacture mould. we also develop and design products as per customer requirement. we are also very keen in venturing into new fields.

            Two time award winning plastic manufacturer specializing in services
            include injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, film and extrusion lines. Based in Dubai, We are able to competitively export to the U.S.A, U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Canada, Saudi, G.C.C, Japan

            Suppliers of PTFE tape, extruders of FEP, PEEK & PTFE tubing and suppliers of PVDF & PFA compression fittings and valves

            MMG,Inc. was founded in 2002 to help in the business expansion of a Pacific Rim Petrochemical Corporation. We are associates of the Trading arm of the company and function to aid in the marketing and sales of the companies
            polymer products.

            We have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting of all kinds of plastic disposable products, such as, LDPE gloves, HDPE gloves, LDPE aprons, sleeves, shoe covers, haircut mantles, PS disposable cutlery.etc.

            Engineered parts

            Manufacturer of urethane products such as sheet, bars, tubes, rods, metal forming products and custom molding.

            Manufactures refrigerator gaskets, door seals, magnets, visicooler profiles, and parts for a range of industries.

            Manufacturer and service provider of molded and machined parts of advanced materials to the aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment industries. Also, design, manufacture and installment of surface processing equipment.

            Manufactures reflective highway delineation, barriers, barricades, overlay markers, zone safety devices and chain link fence inserts.

            Manufactures industrial drum locking rings, and distributes drum accessories, including gaskets, drum covers, bolts, faucets and plugs.

            Manufactures and distributes engineering plastics in rod, sheet,tube and finished components.

            Supplier of engineered metal and plastic fabricated components and assemblies to OEM's representing key industries.

            Manufacturers of plastic products including computer parts, household appliances, electronic products, electronic and electrical components.

            Manufacture a range of engineered fluoroplastic products. Includes information about fluoroplastic materials such as PTFE and PFA

            Manufactures engineered fluoroplastic products including Sheeting and heat shrink tubbing by extrusion, vacuum forming, fusion welding and chemical etching.

            Fabrication of plastic sheets, rods and tubes and offers custom manufacture of plastic displays and fixtures.

            Manufacture of engineering plastics semi finished componants, such as rod, sheet and machined parts.Processor of semi-finished plastics in Asia.

            Injection Molding of engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic rubber, prototype through production tools and molding, insert molding and transfer molding.

            Produces expanded polypropylene beads for molding into a variety of shapes and products , Variations include laminated shape molded EPP, and porous EPP.

            Manufacturer and exporter of plastic products including plastic bellows and air pumps.

            Design and manufacture of custom OEM components in PTFE and teflon for the biomedical, bioresearch, combinatorial chemistry, flow and level metering, laboratories, and the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

            Design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of plastic components for the furniture, display, and healthcare industries.

            Produces optically clear acrylic sheet for linticular lens lens, lens design and cylinder engraving for the 3D and animated graphic market.

            Plastic components manufacturer for the household, electrical appliances, automobiles, electronics and computer technology industries. Multilingual site.

            Manufacturers geomembrane liner products for environmental and containment applications.

            Manufacturer of low density polyethynene plastic pipe caps and flange protectors.

            Manufacturer of engineering plastic components in a range of plastics such as PVDF, PPS, Nylon, Acetal, Delrin, UHMWPE, and Polypropylene.

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